Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2014 EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival: Jardin de Fiestas (Mexico Pavilion)

Wow! Guess what I learned?! There are some items marked gluten free in the Passports! They did NOT do this for the 2013 Food & Wine. I have not yet inquired what this designation means (are items prepared separately?) but I will try to find out.

Passport page for Jardin de Fiestas

Taco al Pastor (gluten free; corn tortilla)

Quesadilla de Hongos (mushrooms) con Queso (Flour tortilla: NOT gluten free). It is vegetarian. I did not try this, but Timoteo dice que es "the best mushroom anything I've ever eaten"

Flan de Chocolate (vegetarian; this is not designated in the passport as gluten free, but I don't see why it wouldn't be gluten free; there are typically no gluten ingredients in flan)

With caramel in the bottom:

I don't even like flan, or chocolate, but this was amazing. I only had a bite- I cannot think of what might contain gluten in flan, but this new gluten free designation now makes me wonder about items that are NOT marked gluten free. I will find someone to ask and learn more. 

Next stop: China Pavilion

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