Monday, September 19, 2011

Apples, apples and more apples

Well, today I wound up making four different cinnamon-apple treats. That was not at all what I had planned.

I was hungry. I needed breakfast. I thought cinnamon sounded good. Cinnamon waffles, perhaps? 

Then I remembered I had a great recipe for an apple strudel that wasn't too difficult. And- I have a bag of fresh, organic McIntosh apples in the fridge. Perfect!

Well, for whatever reason, I could NOT get the dough to turn out right at all. So, instead of apple strudel, I made apple galette: 
I'd like to say that was the plan all along, but it wasn't. Ha.

Then I still had dough left over. So, I experimented with some mini-apple pies. 
before baking
after baking

Of course, I was sampling the apple mixture all the way along (did I mention that I was hungry?), and it was really, really good. I thought "wouldn't this make an excellent raw vegan apple pie!" Honestly, I would have just turned the whole thing into a raw dish, but I'd already made the dough for baking. But I made a couple of raw vegan mini-pies anyway, just because. They are great as-is. Now they are in the dehydrator, just to see how they might turn out. I've been wanting to try a raw vegan apple pie in the dehydrator- these little tarts will be a good experiment.
So, hurray for apples! But that was not at ALL how I'd planned to spend my whole morning....  and I still have a mess to clean in the kitchen! Oh well, what can ya do?

p.s. recipe #4, in case you were counting above, was cinnamon rolls, using the last of the pie crust scraps. But I ate those before I had a chance to take a photo : )

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