Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good Morning!

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So, our usual Saturday morning routine is:
get up,
turn on NPR,
feed Bailey,
make breakfast,
go to the Farmers’ Market for the week’s groceries,
socialize at the Farmer's Market, wag wag, woof <--- Bailey
come home, take pictures, and tell you what we'll be cooking with this week :)

But today, we are visiting family in Orlando- near DISNEY- and I am writing to you from here:
Like right there. I took that photo from right where I'm typing this very moment.

Therefore, today's Saturday morning routine was a little different:
Woke up,
Walked Bailey around the lake. Was in awe of the beauty of the bright orange sunrise over the lake. I didn't think to bring the camera- darn! It was SO beautiful.
As we kept walking, we saw a very large crew team getting ready to put their boat in the lake. (I'm sure there is a name for that kind of boat, but I don't know what it is?)
Walked back to the campsite,
Made breakfast- brown and wild rice with chopped apple. It was one of the first apples of the season, courtesy of family friends who just spent a month in North Carolina and shared some fresh picked Honeycrisp apples with the J's upon their return. That apple was delicious!
Bailey and I wandered out to the screen room (where we are sitting now) to eat breakfast, breathe the fresh air, and watch the world waking up. Right now I’m enjoying the beautiful weather, listening to the birds calling, watching the squirrels scamper around, and smiling at Bailey who is enjoying all of the sights, scents and sounds.
So I thought I’d grab the laptop to share this beautiful, serene morning with you.
That's a lake back there...
There is no internet here at the campground, so I’ll post this later when I have wi-fi.
Have a great Saturday!

p.s. woohoo! college football!

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