Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gluten Free Mickey Mouse Waffles at Walt Disney World

I am woefully behind on posts... and particularly Disney posts! I have a whole series of awesome Disney food posts that I cannot wait to share- hopefully I will get to those soon.

This is my most recent gluten-free Disney adventure, and the one that I am most excited about. Mickey Mouse waffles!
Gluten free Mickey waffles at Disney's Kona Cafe
I have been dreaming of Mickey Mouse waffles ever since I learned how well Disney accommodates special diets. With each trip to Disney, I learn a little more about special dining requests, and become more confident in asking for what I would like to eat. For most Disney dining thus far, I have made reservations and noted food sensitivities ahead of time. I did not know for certain whether Disney made gluten free Mickey waffles, but thought they probably did. I figured those would need to be pre-arranged with one of the breakfast events. I have been looking forward to a time when I could try that, but just had not yet been at Disney for breakfast.

This meal was on a whim. I had been thinking about getting my hair cut (it's HOT here in Florida), and donating the hair to charity. Somewhere, in all of my recent reading about Disneyworld, I learned that the Magic Kingdom has an actual barber shop on Main Street. It is not just a store front, it is a working barber shop with licensed and trained cosmetologists. Not to mention a barbershop quartet. So of course, I thought "how fun would it be to get a hair cut on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom?"So, I made an appointment (appointments are recommended, as it tends to get busy).

We arrived early, and had some time before my appointment. So, Tim and I made a little monorail stop on the way into the Magic Kingdom & decided to eat breakfast in the Polynesian. I had not planned for breakfast, so had not called ahead for dining accommodations, but given the recent success I've had finding allergy-friendly meals at Disney over the past few months, I had no doubt there would be something I could eat for breakfast. At least I know all the chefs are trained and knowledgeable about food allergies and sensitivities.
The Kona Cafe at Disney's Polynesian Resort
The Polynesian breakfasts are amazing. Everything on the menu looked delicious. The Chef came out to speak with me about the menu items that could be made without gluten or soy. The last thing he mentioned, almost as an aside, was "Oh, and we can do a gluten free waffle too, if you wanted to get those."

My eyes lit up. Heck, I bet my whole face lit up. I was very, very excited about gluten free waffles (that I don't have to make myself?! Yes, please!)

I did not ask if they were Mickey waffles. I'm not sure why. Maybe I assumed they couldn't be, on such short notice. There were a number of waffles on the menu, and none of them appeared to be Mickey Mouse shaped. After all, this was a grown up breakfast. Ha. Well, intended for grown ups. When Tim and I get anywhere near Disney, we are like two big kids. Really. At lunch, we even order the kids' sodas with the lids and whistle straws and blinky lights.

We placed our orders. Mine for gluten free waffles, Tim for two regular breakfast entrees (which looked amazing). Our food arrived, and... guess what??? Well, of course, you already know, since I've already said the phrase "Mickey Mouse waffles" about 100 times in this post. But yes, to my surprise... MICKEY MOUSE WAFFLES! I think I was as or more excited than any kid would have been. Gluten free Mickey Mouse waffles???? (They were also soy free, and I'm pretty sure dairy free too). Oh yeah!!!!!

*By the way, I think they may have actually been a kid's menu item, which is why the Chef mentioned that option so casually, "...if you wanted to get those." Ha! But, I was delighted... and the price was a few dollars less than anything else on the menu. Bonus!

They come on a plate of four:
They were amazing. I savored every last bite. To tell you the truth, I am still craving those waffles. I am ready to travel to Disney, in time for breakfast, just for the waffles.
During breakfast, I almost completely forgot that the whole reason we were there was for a haircut in the Magic Kingdom. Seriously. Mickey Mouse waffles made my day! I could have gone home after breakfast and been a happy girl. Stop by Disney for breakfast? Sure! Why not?

I cannot say enough good things about Disney's allergy-friendly dining options. I will post more Disney food adventures in the months to come.

Oh, and my haircut is another story altogether. I will say I feel much cooler now!

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