Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ginger-lemon water

I am happy to share something I've just recently tried: ginger-lemon water. This drink is super easy, tastes great, and is very good for you. Click on the following links to find more information about the health benefits of ginger and lemon.

I've noticed this type of water being promoted around the web as a "detox water"- I cannot speak to that, but no doubt it is beneficial, whether maintaining your health, or fighting off a cold or flu.

You guys know I often do not measure- with juices, smoothies, etc, I often just throw things together until they taste yummy. So, there are not exact measurements below, but play around with it until you get the flavor you like. You really cannot go wrong.

Ginger Lemon Water
Slice or grate about one knob of ginger
Bring a medium size pot of water to a boil
Add ginger, remove pot from heat, and let steep.
Once cool, strain out ginger, add fresh lemon slices, and chill.

You could also drink this as a hot tea, if you prefer. You could also add stevia or agave to sweeten, if you like.

Side note: I also tried mixing 1/2 of the chilled ginger-lemon water with 1/2 chilled seltzer water, and that was good. My ginger water was pretty strong- it had some kick to it, so the seltzer made it a pretty good fizzy drink.

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