Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm back!

Hi everyone!

Wow, it has been so long since I've entered a blog post that guess what? I even forgot my Blogger password. Then once I logged in, I discovered that Blogger now has a completely different format. Boy that really emphasized "Where the heck have you been?" Just when I was getting the hang of the old Blogger...
Well, I may have been away from the blogosphere, but I have still been a busy girl in & out of the kitchen. Here is a quick recap of the past 3 months- 

Back in Girl Scout Cookie season, I experimented for a week, and came up with some recipes for Raw Vegan Girl Scout Cookies! OMG- they were fantastic. And since they are raw vegan, that also means they are gluten free! Yes. Gluten free Girl Scout cookies. Those do not exist in the real world.
Speaking of raw, my neighbor Joan and I decided to undertake 40 Days of Raw this year for Lent. I wish I could say this was a smashing success. Honestly, I thought it was going to be a breeze. It was incredibly difficult. It all came down to this: I didn't plan well. I think it could have been easy, at least much easier than it turned out, if I had done a better job at planning meals. More thoughts on that later.

Joan and I traveled to the Swamp Cabbage Festival in LaBelle, FL in search of RAW Hearts of Palm. Yes, you read that right- the delicacy known as Hearts of Palm is also known as Swamp Cabbage. Hmm- which one sounds more appetizing to you? Hopefully I will post an entry about the Swamp Cabbage Festival- it was quite the experience.
I also completed a 12 week Organic Gardening class. What a fantastic experience! Until now, I had only experimented with an herb garden, and had only transplanted herbs from pots to the ground. In the organic gardening class, I learned how to plan and sow a Florida-friendly garden from seed to harvest. I cannot wait to use what I've learned here in our backyard.
I also branched out into some organic do-it-yourself beauty recipes, and hope to incorporate more of those into the blog as well. I made an organic sea salt scrub (example here) and attempted two forms of sugaring. Next on my DIY organic beauty to-do list are whipped body butter and baby powder.
So, that's a recap of the past few months... I hope to write more about of some of the above events in future posts... but we'll see how that goes. For now, I'm getting back in the kitchen and will hopefully have some more yummy, allergy-friendly recipes to share in the coming weeks.

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