Sunday, February 5, 2012

Organizing recipes

This is my Sunday afternoon project: Organizing recipes.
Although they were organized at one point, lately new recipes have been taking over, and I couldn't find anything I was looking for.

I also have quite a few recipes with edits all over them, like this: 
Ah, see, now you can see the "test recipe" process here in the Healing Kitchen, haha. I wish I would have taken photos of the other recipes that were MUCH more scribbled up than this one. But I've already ripped them up and recycled them into notepaper. Those recipes were getting confusing! I couldn't remember which edits were "good" and which ones did not work well. That doesn't work. Who wants to start from scratch again???

Edit: OK, I went back and took photos of the really messy recipes just to show you what I'm talking about:
But the backs are still good for notepaper:
Ha, now you also know (partly) why I post recipes on this blog :) I can't tell you how many times I've searched for my own recipes on my own blog (the search bar at the very top of the right hand column is really good)- because I know the ones I actually posted are the right ones! I cannot always say the same for the ones in the binder. In fact, when my brother was here, I wanted to make him my awesome peanut butter pancakes. But when I made them for him (trying to show off how great gluten free and vegan can taste) they were awful. Afterwards I realized I'd used an old recipe, about four revisions earlier than the final (yummy) version. Sigh. How did I forget to check my own blog for that one?

So- today- we organize! Then Superbowl.

I'm curious which filing methods work for others. How do you organize your recipes? Binder? Box? Scribbled in the cookbook?

I imagine that all of us dealing with food allergies & sensitivities probably edit just about every recipe we come across- how do you keep track of your final versions? 

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