Saturday, August 27, 2011

Farmers' Market Saturday

Quick post... didn't get much at the Farmers' Market today.

Here's the haul:
Romaine, red onion, and star fruit. Yup, that's it! I also got peaches, but those were for Priscilla. Frankly, ever since we got that case of organic peaches and I made peach everything, I don't want to see peaches again for a while : )

I am not quite sure what I'm going to make to eat this week. But in the fridge I have watermelon, yucca, and a new vegetable I've never tried before called ñame, so I'm sure those will be appearing in this week's meals. Along with a blog post about what the heck is ñame (I don't yet know).

In case you are wondering where I find my cute little dishes and other kitchen goodies- it's usually thrift stores. I stopped at a thrift store on my way home, and here's the score from there:
I've realized I'm a sucker for tiny dishes of any sort. I'm already picturing ice cream or sorbet in those little white bowls with the handles : )

I also stopped at Big Lots, and here's what I found there:
10 hose washers for $1. The garden edging was 75% off- so it came to $1.25 for each roll. I couldn't pass that up. I have big garden/yard ideas in my mind right now... we'll see if those ideas ever actually make it out to the yard, hmm. Maybe in the Fall when the weather is cooler?

Big Lots also had a nice 3-shelf greenhouse on mega-clearance for $5, which seemed like a fantastic deal, but then I figured I don't know what to do with a greenhouse anyway. It's all I can do to remember to water and trim the herbs outside, ha! And I still haven't re-planted those peas that are way too big for their container. And the spinach needs to go in a bigger container too. So, yeah, the last thing I need is a greenhouse, even if it is $5. I can't keep up with what we've already got :)

I noticed some great deals on gluten free and other health food at Big Lots (who knew???), and I'm going to blog about that later. Right now it's time to feed and walk the B-meister.

Speaking of Bailey, I returned home from today's errands to this pouty face:
Bailey was sad he didn't go along this morning. Awww. 

We'll go for an extra long walk tonight.

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