Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Local Farmers' Market

Good morning all! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.

After the cake pop madness of last week, I thought you might be getting a toothache just looking at all of those sweets :) So I thought I'd post about something GREEN!

Here are some photos from our local beach Farmers' Market (btw, is it Farmer's Market, or Farmers' Market?) I'm going with the second one, since it is more than one farmer. But if that is not correct, let me know :)

The Beach Farmers' Market is now closed for the summer, but these photos were from one of the last days of the Market. The produce you see in the photos is already out of season, but it was yummy while it lasted! Just thought I'd show you we eat veggies here too- not just cake pops and desserts, heehee.
Organic Produce Guy
Now that the Beach Market is closed for the summer, we visit this farmer at another local market over the bridge
Local and organic Kohlrabi and Sweet Onions
Kohlrabi tastes similar to cabbage. You can eat the bulb and the greens. All of the local farmers down here claim that this onion is Florida's version of a Vidalia (or a Walla Walla) but it doesn't come close, in my opinion :)
Organic cutting celery. 
I'm not sure what the difference is between "celery" and "cutting celery". The cutting celery seems to have a smaller diameter stalk, but tastes the same.
Bailey the Market Dog
Me, with a bag loaded full of veggies

I love my sail bag! My neighbor Joan made it. I have inserted a link above- if you are interested, you can click on the photo above or right here to go to the Island Sail Bags website. She doesn't have any more bags in this exact style, but she has some other really cool sail bags- they are eco-friendly, recycled, handmade, very cute, and will last forever. By the way, Bailey likes to lie in the middle of the sails when he sees Joan cutting them out in the back yard. He's so helpful :) 
Bailey likes this booth :) Ever hopeful!
Headed home with a car full of veggies!

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