Friday, April 5, 2013

Garden of Life RAW meal replacement shake

I am trying TWO new things as we speak.

1) This shake:


2) Blogging from my iPhone.

I am a fan of Garden of Life products in general. They seem to use quality ingredients and put together good combinations. Although I have read about them, & researched their ingredients, I have not tried too many of their products myself, as I experienced so many sensitivities to so many ingredients that it was difficult for me to find ANY commercial product that did not contain at least one ingredient to which I was sensitive.

The good news is, I believe my gut has (finally!) come a long way in healing. I have been branching out with more and more foods, & experiencing only minor, if any, reactions.

So I am once again trying a few commercial products, & hoping I do ok with them. Today I am trying this Garden of Life RAW meal replacement shake.

Generally, I believe that if one is eating a healthy balanced diet, there is no need for additional supplements or protein shakes. I found that, for me, when I eat high raw, I feel amazing and have no need for vitamins or protein supplements. As I've shared before, my lab tests have borne that out, which is awesome.

However, I have NOT been eating well lately, and certainly nothing that could be considered "balanced". I have been lacking in both energy & motivation to come up with menu ideas or prepare anything- so my diet has consisted of nuts, apples, rice cakes, maybe a salad or piece of gluten free toast. Not a sustainable source if energy or nutrients!

So, I figured why not try a meal replacement shake? Especially one that is raw & vegan. It's got to be better than a dinner of rice cakes ;)

So, as I'm sitting here sipping my vanilla shake, I have to say, it's not bad! I blended the packet with 16oz of filtered water, and first tried it just like that, to see what it was like. It was surprisingly tasty. I decided I'd like it cold, & a little more flavor, so I added some frozen bing cherries. Very tasty. Decided I'd like it colder, so added some ice cubes- and we have a winner.



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