Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trader Joe's is coming!

Sad news:
Our local Border's Books & Music went out of business earlier this year
Good news: 
Trader Joe's is moving in to that spot!

I've been watching the progress since I first spotted the "Coming Soon: Trader Joe's" sign in front of the building.
Now look:
I peeked in the window; there are still a bunch of boxes and equipment inside of what is otherwise a big empty building- but it's moving right along. The parking lot is full of work trucks every time I drive by. I heard a rumor the store is to open early 2012- but no official news yet.

This will be the first Trader Joe's in Florida. Pretty cool! I was first introduced to Trader Joe's in Maryland, and loved it. I happened to be living in Atlanta when the first one came to that area, which was fun to anticipate (I think it was the first in Georgia). Now the Atlanta Metro area has four or five, I believe.

Maybe TJ's is following me? I know all the cool places to live, haha ; )

I would expect that if Trader Joe's does well in Naples, they would open stores in Sarasota, Tampa, Miami, etc., once they figure out their distribution system for Florida.

I actually think they'd do very well in Gainesville. Great food, low prices, fun vibe; I can totally see a TJ's in a college town. But I guess they would probably start with larger cities first.

Trader Joe’s grocery store coming to Naples
Trader Joe's Florida Facebook page (unofficial)

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