Monday, November 7, 2011

Evolution Fast Food

I wanted to share some of the neat things we saw in San Diego. One of the cool places we visited was Evolution Fast Food.
Evolution is a 100% vegan restaurant, with a lot of raw options. They have a wonderful variety of healthy selections. Salads, wraps, smoothies, burgers, fries, shakes, and desserts. 

100% healthy, no artificial crap:
It's a cute place with a cheerful vibe, friendly staff, and great open air patio seating. Inside, there is a walk-up counter, where you can order from the large menu on the wall, or choose from their daily specials. Many items are made to order, but some of the wraps, salads, and desserts are pre-made and out front in deli cases, which is nice if you are in a hurry. They even have a drive through window:
Partial menu (click for larger image):
You can also view Evolution's entire menu on their website. There are several menu categories, so click each one to view them all.

I went with three other people, none of whom are vegan, but we were all able to find something on the menu. I believe everyone was full and happy!

We walked to Evolution from Kari's office. It was a beautiful day to walk in San Diego. We ordered from the walk up counter, and sat on the patio to enjoy our lunch. It didn't take long for our food to arrive, so although the food is made to order, it is still a viable option for those on a quick lunch break.
The patio was much larger than is shown in this photo. I didn't get a wide angle photo of the entire dining area- darn. The entire patio is about three times what you see in the photo, with beautiful plants and succulents everywhere. It is outdoors, but shaded.

Now for the important part: the food! I ordered a white bean wrap. Ed, Kari, and Joel all ordered burgers. Evolution offers several options for their burgers- your choice of a few Gardenburger style burgers, or a black bean burger they make in-house.

Of course, I had to take photos of everyone's food : )

Mushroom-swiss burger:
Sweet potato fries:
Ed and Joel each ordered salsa burgers:
My white bean wrap from the deli case:
Look! Tasha-safe ingredients! Woohoo! 
For drinks, I had a green smoothie, Ed had a chocolate milkshake, and Kari & Joel had Kombucha. 

And... raw vegan dessert!
Lots of variety at Evolution. I highly recommend stopping by if you are visiting the San Diego area. Check them out online: Evolution Fast Food, and they also have great reviews and photos on Yelp!

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  1. Looks amazing! I hope I'll have a chance to try this place out one day. I wonder if they'll franchise - it's such a great concept!