Friday, October 7, 2011

Cashew Butter

The other day, I was tired of cooking, and just wanted something that was already made. So I purchased this cashew butter at Whole Foods:
I thought I had bought it before. Even so, I always try to double check the ingredients, because things change. But when I got home, I noticed this: 


I am very sensitive to sunflower, and safflower seems to have a similar effect. So, the $7.99 jar of cashew butter will be going back to Whole Foods. Good thing I didn't open it yet.

So, I made my own cashew butter, and thought I'd share the top secret recipe with you. 

Are you ready for this? Because it's kindof complicated.

Grab a pencil and paper... here it is...

Cashew Butter Recipe:
Cashews. Salt. Food processor. 

Hahaha- did you think there would be more to it? Heehee.

Nut butters are SO easy. You can use raw nuts or roasted nuts. I do not understand why manufacturers add oils to nut butters. You don't need to do that. If you keep processing them in the food processor, they release their own oils, and they turn into butter just fine. Sheesh.

Here is my cashew butter. I used about a cup of raw cashews (unsoaked) and a pinch of himalayan salt. I used a mini-prep food processor from the 1970s, so that shows you do not need any fancy equipment to make nut butter at home.

Try it using any kind of nuts you like. You can also add ingredients such as honey, cinnamon, maple, or chocolate, for a gourmet nut butter that costs next to nothing when you make it yourself.


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