Friday, July 22, 2011

My visit to the healing kitchen

by Jeannette M.

I love this place! I believe in eating healthy and without food additives.  I am a Weight Watcher (WW) leader, but can’t always express my views on natural foods directly as I represent WW when I speak professionally.

The food in the Healing Kitchen is filled with love. Every ingredient is meticulously selected from local and online resources, and much thought has also gone into the storage of the ingredients. Once you have the ingredients you have to plan, plan, plan! There is no ordering out or running to the local fast food restaurant in a pinch. But this is good, as you don’t even consider fast food as an option.

Much planning goes into what you are going to have and when. What obstacles will the near future hold? Travel? Illness? Other commitments that may limit the time available in the kitchen? You want to have food on hand when you need it.

Since I was a guest, the hostess of the healing kitchen did all the planning (and most of the cooking). This was not expected, but a pleasant surprise. Usually when you visit someone, you take them out to a meal or two. In past visits, we have been to a popular breakfast place, but not this time. Every meal was prepared at home. Every meal was superb! Every meal was filling and satisfying. Every meal looked like a show piece. Every meal was an event. What I mean by “event” is we worked together on meal preparation tasks. Looking at the fruits of your labor when the meal made it to the table. That made the meal even more enjoyable. Of course, planning is important as some recipes require soaking, sitting, or refrigeration before final preparation. So if you want to fix a certain recipe you have to read the recipe for any steps that need to be completed ahead of time. Sometimes you may have to go in search of ingredients at the local market, or call around to find them. So, in order to keep hard to find ingredients on hand, the hostess of the healing kitchen has started growing some of the most used herbs for the recipes, which makes sure you have what you need.

My visit to the healing kitchen was a great success. I lost 3.5 pounds in less than a week. I owe it all to the additive free foods and, of course, walking Bailey.

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