Saturday, March 12, 2011

Morning walk to the grocery store

I just love living here on a small island. It is so personal. I know my neighbors, I know my mail carrier, everyone knows Bailey, I see my neighbors in the grocery store... it's just great!

Somehow, in my mind, I have the idea that the true measure of a small town is whether you can walk to the grocery store.

Today was a good Tasha-energy day, and a good Bailey-weather day (cool enough to walk pretty far), so we decided to walk to Publix.

Bailey had to wait outside, and he was not happy about that ;)
Whaddya mean, "wait outside"?

Well, OK, I'll stay here and guard the bench.

Success! I ran in, got what I needed, and ran back out to a happy dog.

Exercise, check. Groceries, check. Avoiding traffic: excellent!

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